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re-election bid - his today - basically following news on the unemployment front. fox'' craig boswell has more from washington. washington. a day after president obama hosted military families at the hite houss, he's back on theeroad. today the bus tour througg ohio and pennsylvania -two states he won in 2008 and must wii again for a second term.obama says: "i still believe in you. i'm betting on you.. and the country is betting oo ou ohio." ohio and pennsylvania are must wiis for mitt romney too and a pair of romney supporters are shadowing the president'' 250 - mile route. louisiana governor bobby jindal and ppwlenty are covering the same turf as the resummd enjoyed a break around the 4th of july holiday..romney says: "the world needs a strong amerrca. it needs an america that's onvinned that our values are right." the campaign issstepping up its puuches on the air in a new ad attaakinn the president as a big spender. on the jobs says weekly unemployment applicatioos dropped to 374 thousand, the llwest level siice mid may.boswell says (oncam tag): "when
.fox's craig boswell has more from washington. washington. president obama says congress should "temporarily" extend bush - era tax cuts for those making less than 250-thousandd dollars a year - but "not"" for those makkng more than that.obama says: "so i'm not proposing anything radical here, i juut believe anybody making over $250,000 a year should go back to the incomm rates we were paying under bill clinton." of the year and the president says if that happens "middle class" families taxes will increase by about 22-hundred doolars. obama says: "in many way the fate of the tax cut for the weaathiest amerrcans will be decided by the outcome of the nnxt election. my opponent will fight to keep them in place, i will fight to end them." a spokesperson for presumed pepublicaa nominee mitt romney released a statement saying.. (gfx) "president obama's announcement this morning will mean a tax increase for &pmillions of families, jjb creators, and small businesses." andrea sauul romney cammaign spokesperson gop leaders say tte tax cuts should be ext
understand where mr. boswell is coming from, but some places in the country would have a different opinion. >> gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the chair strikes the last word to recognize himself for five minutes. i share the perspective of my ranking member. this amendment would upset a very carefully, balanced and what i think is a fair proposal that tries to achieve the goal of giving producers choice. whatever commodity, in whatever region they can make the right choices based on their own analysis. i know my colleague is a tire little advocate of the state's farmers and a wonderful friend, but i respectfully urge my colleagues to reject this amendment and with that i yield back saying no other request for recognition, we'll proceed to a vote. all of those in favor of amendment number 69 by the gentleman from iowa. mr. boswell signify so by saying aye. >> all those opposed signifying by no. the noes appear to have it. the noes do, indeed have it and amendment number 69 is defeated. are there any additional amendments to title one. the commodity title? >> we'll come back
... remembering the twelve dead with togetherness and tears. craig boswell has the latest from aurora, colorado...craig? colorado...craig? (boswell on cam top)president obama spent an extended time with families this afternoon saying it is the good people that will be remembered not the perpetrator. his comments come as this community pulls together - trying to get through this.raw emotions in the public square outside aurora city hall.president obama arrived this afternoon and proceeded immediately to the university of colorado aurora hospital to meet with the families of the twelve people that were killed.later, expressing his sorrow for a shaken community suffering an overwhelming loss.obama says: "had a chance to visit with each family / give folks some hugs, to shed some tears, but also to share some laughs as they remembered the wonderful lives that these men and women represented."together with prayer and reflection...they stand, remembering the lives cut short at the century sixteen theatre early friday morning. a community that is seeking solace... in the face
."...//now... congress... wants it stopped ... for good..../a... got underway... today../. craig boswell... is... watching the action... on... capitol hill. hill. lawmakers say billions of dollars linked o drug cartels and terrorist groups were laundered through u.s. banks and may have been used to finance criminal and terrorist activities and may have even helped fund al qaeda. levin says: "wrong doers can use us dollars and us wire transfers to commit crimes, arm terror groups, produce and transport illegal drugs, loot government coffers, and even pursue weapons of mass destruction." hsbc - banks is at the center of the investigation - bank executives are cooperating with a senate subcommittee investigation and admit there were mistakes: bagley says: "despite the best efforts and intentions of many dedicated professionals, hsbc has fallen short of our own expectations and the expectations of our regulltors." coburn says: "if they can pass criminal proceeds through a us bank unnoticed and untouched, the funds are unlikely to be stopped or ever be recovered." &p
... the reppblican candidate... aa.. possible √°felon√°.../criag boswell ... teels us ... the connection... this accusation... has.../...to... rommey's time... attbain capitaa. ccpital... president obaaa returns to the key swiig state of virginia beginninn two days of campaign stops. today'' visit comes during a new aad intense round of mudslinging between the obama and romney camps. is demanding an apology from made by a campaign manager s surrounding romney'' time at "bain capital".cutter says (full screen): "eithhr mitt romneyy ttrough his own words and his own siggature, was misrepresenting his position at bain toothe sec, which is a felony or he was missepresenting hhs positioo at bain to the american people." gitcho says: these wild nd rrckless aacusations that mitt romney is a criminal and a felon. that just simply doesn't pass the laugh test." the argument surrounds when romney left his ormer prrvate equity firm. the presumed republican nominee says he llftt n 999 to run the winter olympics but the booton globe reports sse-c filings shhw romney llsted
will proceed to a vote on amendment number 71 by mr. boswell. all those in favor signify by saying aye. >> aye. >> all those opposed signify by saying no. >> no! >> ayes seem to have it. >> the ayes appear to have it. the ayes appear to have it. the ayes do, indeed have it and the amendment is adopted and amendment number 71 by mr. boswell. are there any additional amendments to title 1, the commodity title? seeing no additional amendments, commodity from title number one, the commodity title is now closed. are there -- with the closing of title number 1 we now proceed to consideration of title number two. since title number 2 deals with the conservation section i would offer the following suggestion to my colleagues for your consideration. it's now in order to consider title number two. i would ask unanimous consent that the explanation of the title be waived. seeing no objection. seeing no objection. seeing no objection, the title is now open for amendment. are there amendments to title number two, the conservation title? seeing no amendments. i would say we would begin the process of record
a flurry of campaign activity. that's extra pressure as the election is four months away. i'm craig boswell in washington. that's coming up. >>> and the cdc says its graphic antismoking campaign is producing results. details straight ahead.  >>> president obama on the campaign trail in ohio and pennsylvania. while plowing through today's unemployment report, mitt romney using the jobs report to bury the president's reelection efforts. craig boswell reports. >> reporter: shortly after a breakfast stop in akron, president obama focused on the up side of today's labor department report while speaking in poland, ohio. >> that overall means that businesses created 4.4 million new jobs over the past 28 months. >> the labor department says the jobless rate remained unchanged at 8.2%. tapping the third straight month of what many economists describe as weak hiring. >> if you look at the construction numbers and other areas of the economy, like retail sales, just no growth at all. >> as the president rolled into pittsburgh this afternoon, on the final day of his bus tour. >> all they
of a foreign trip while president obama heads north to new york.craig boswell is in washington with m. more. 3 3 3 earlier we told you about the promises that getting ready for the baltimore grand prix will cause less problems this . year. and that's our question of the day... do you think the preparations will go more smoothly this year? year?jeff writes on facebook..."whether it goes more smoothly or not people will still complain about it." it." and brian writes....."why couldn't we have the grand prix in a less populated part of maryland?" maryland?" a lot of people aren't convinced that preparations will go more smoothly this year. go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you think. you can also sound off through facebook. send us a tweet.. at foxbaltimore. and you can text your answer to 45203. enter fox45a for yes.. or fox45b for no. 3 granted.. the setting is unusual.../ but... with olympic... london full of tourists...those... in search of accommodation... may be feeling... more open-minded...//.how... a... cab driver... is using his cab... to... make extra money. 3 --adblib
today. fox's craig boswell is in aurora. >> reporter: a community focused on healing is expressing its grief at the personal memorial. for many people visiting the growing memorial across the street from the theater is necessary and therapeutic. >> we just felt we had to come and say god bless you and rest in peace and we just don't know how. our hearts are broken. >> the community needs to know he was a great guy. >> reporter: four days after the senseless tragedy emotions are still raw. >> one of my 18-year-olds sitting behind me just shouted out that he was hit with something, he was bleeding. >> reporter: out of the death and destruction a new life, the wife of shooting victim caleb medley gives birth to the couple's first child, in the same hospital where her husband remains in critical condition. mean while in a surprise visit batman star christian bale came to the medical center of aurora and met with seven of the shooting victims. >> he was just heartfelt. he said his family, everybody in the world has been affected by what happened. >> reporter: warner brothers has made a d
. craig boswell has more. >> reporter: in his first address to the naacp as vice president, joe biden ran down a laundry list of obama administration accomplishments including the affordable care act. >> he prevailed where no president had done before. he was right. he was right. >> reporter: bideen's rousing reception is in stark contrast to the boos mitt romney received wednesday when he repeated his promise to repeal what he referred to as obamacare. >> i think the speech did him a lot of good. it sent a message toind voters that he is willing to reach across the rile. >> reporter: president obama did not attend the annual meeting this time but did accepted a pre-taped message. romney could cut into that support in some battleground states. >> i don't know that the poll we are seeing are correct. many of them are saying they will stay home but they will not cast a vote for obama. >> reporter: some pollsters also believe there will be little shift in the overall numbers between president obama and mitt romney in the remaining months before the election. >> the election will be as close
. mcentire. >> no. >> mr. mcentire now. >> mr. boswell. >> mr. boswell no. >> mr. cardoza. >> no. >> david scott. >> aye. >> mr. david scott aye. mr. kwai ar no. mr. costa, no. mr. walls. >> no. >> mr. walls no. mr. schrader. >> no. >> mr. schrader no. mr. kissell, no. >> mr. owens. >> mr. owens no. mrs. ping rey, no. >> mr. courtney. >> no. >> mr. courtney no. mr. welch. >> no. >> mr. welch, no. mrs. budge. >> aye. >> mr. siblon. >> no. >> ms. sewell. >> no. >> mr. mcgovern. >> mr. chairman. >> no. >> mr. chairman, no. >> mr. chairman, the vote is 17 yays to 29 nays. >> the amendment number 85 fails. are there any other amendments to title one, the commodity title? >> yes. i have an amendment. >> number 54. >> the chair recognizes the gentleman from california for amendment number 54. you will restrain for a moment until we circulate the amendment. >> gentlemen from california may proceed whenever he is ready. >> thank you very much. i urge the committee to support this simple amendment. my amendment respects the important role children play on family farms, but it also urjz the
coverages continues with craig boswell live in aurora, colorado. >> reporter: ken, good evening to you. all of those improvised explosive device and hazardous materials all of it removed from james holmes' apartment and taken out to a remote site where it will either by burned or blown up, detonated. now investigators have gotten need, response teams -- evidence response teams to look at that evidence, which is key encouraging for the neighbors that can come back to their homes. investigators in there because they really spent 30 hours or more just dismantling a myriad of booby traps that were meant to kill. investigators give off a series of audible warnings before setting off a detonation inside the third floor apartment of mass shooting suspect james holmes. bomb technicians removed ieds and other materials and accuse james holme of a calculating and deliberate murder spree even saying that the murder theater attack was just the beginning survivors continue to tell chilling stories of how they stayed alive. >> he said pierce, pierce, i'm shot. i said i am too, stay down. >> reporter: a
intyre, no. >> mr. boswell. >> no. mr. boswell, no. mr. baca? >> no. >> mr. baca, no. mr. cardoza? >> no. >> mr. cardoza, no. >> mr. scott? >> aye. >> mr. scott, aye. mr. kwa ar. >> no. >> mr. costa? no. >> mr. costa, no. mr. wallace, no. >> mr. schrader, no. >> mr. schrader no. mr. kissel, no. mr. owens no. >> mrs. embrey, no. >> mr. courtney? >> no. >> mr. courtney, no. >> mr. welch? >> no. >> mr. welch, no. >> miss fudge, aye. >> mr. sublime. no. mrs. sewell, no. mr. mcgovern? mr. mcgovern, no. mr. chairman? >> no. >> oh, excuse me. mr. johnson? >> yes. >> mr. johnson, yes? >> mr. chairman? i know the clerk will record no. >> no? >> no. mr. chairman, the vote is ten yeas to 36 nays. >> the amendment number 23 is not agreed to. the gentleman from iowa. >> mr. chairman, i have an amendment, number 69. the clerk will distribute amendment number 69. may i go ahead. >> the gentleman may proceed when he is prepared. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i appreciate the efforts going forth here. it will be a long day so i'll try to be short. as you know, the underlying bill offers two commodity-payme
and a batman mask. fox's craig boswell has the latest from the courthouse in colorado. >> reporter: it's the first public glimpse of james holmes since he allegedly walked into the movie theater and opened fire. james holmes sat silent with a blank stare, the once promising former grad student was wearing a jailhouse jump suit with his hands shackled. as the judge spoke, 24-year-old seemed uninvolved. the purpose of the hearing was to inform holmes of the charges he'll soon face. when he was offered a chance to speak? >> do you have any questions? >> reporter: he stayed quiet. at one point he closed his eyes. prosecutors are expected to file charges formally next monday. a mental health evaluation is routine in cases like this. >> i would say there's no such thing as a slam dunk case. it is a case where we're still looking at the enormous amount of evidence. >> reporter: this is holmes mugshot. he's being kept in solitary confinement held without bond. colorado has the death penalty. while it's being considered prosecutors say they'll first discuss that option with the victims and fa
john boswell, who came in at the last minute and help us pull this together. he did it in exchange for tyne bank hours with the bay area community exchange time bank. if you want to know about that, you can learn about that across the hall after lunch. finally, from the broadband technology opportunity program, which provides opportunities for seniors and people with disabilities to teach each other, to learn from each other, and create more connections across all of our communities. please q the video, and after that, we will dismiss for lunch after a little explanation. >> we want people to come into the center and learn how to use all the different social media so they are not left behind. we do not want the whole community to be left behind. >> i have always been intimidated by computers. afraid that i would break anything. i wanted to learn. i wanted to see if i could, you know? but i was not sure, because of my age. i have grandkids i did not get to see as often as i would like, but my son post pictures all the time. >> i thought it would be important to bring my mom and my s
. pearson, no. >> mr. hullen? >> mr. mcintyre? >> no. >> mr. mcintyre, no. >> mr. boswell? >> no. >> mr. bosswell no. >> mr. david scott? >> no. >> mr. david scott, no. >> mr. costa? >> no. >> mr. costa, no. >> mr. walls? >> no. >> mr. walls, no. >> mr. schrader? >> no. >> mr. schrader no. >> mr. kissel? >> no. >> mr. owens? >> no. >> ms. pinkry? >> no. >> mr. courtney? >> no. >> mr. welch? >> no. >> ms. budge? >> no. >> mrs. suel? >> no. >> mr. mcgovern? >> no. >> mr. mcgovern, no. >> mr. johnson? >> yes. >> mr. johnson, yes. >> mr. thompson? mr. hold en? mr. cherraichairman? >> no. >> mr. chairman, no. mr. chairman, the vote is 17 yeahs and 27 nays. >> are there any other amendments? >> thank you very much mr. chairman. and i have not had the opportunity mr. chairman, to thank you and ranking member peterson for finding come ground on the farm bill. mr. chairman, i have an amendment to file with the clerk, i'm sorry. and i think it's amendment number 95. >> clerk will distribute amendment number 95. >> mr. chairman, i move to strike the last word. >> you are recognized for five minute
boswell who is on the other side. so yield back. >> gentleman yeemds back, additional request for anyone? >> additional recognition? >> yes, move to strike the last word. >> strike the last word. >> well, thank you, very much. i expected my good friend, ranking member to say what he has. but there are those individuals out there, and i think everybody in the room that is affiliated with the agricultural and farming know that they are. and some of them are justified to have this. so, it's working, it's been on a while. i would recommend we consider carrying on this for at least through this farm bill. with that, i would yield back to you. >> i have no further comments, therefore i yield back the balance of my time. >> gentleman yeemd yields back,g no additional request for recognition, we will proceed to vote on amendment number 68, all in favor of amendment number 68 will signify so by saying aye. >> aye. >> all those opposed? >> no. >> the nos appear to have it. the nos appear to have it. the nos do indeed have it. the amendment is defeated. are there additional amendments to title 5? g
attacks intensifyy between tte obama and romney camps.as craig boswell reports, the two candidates 3 phe president visitssohio. ohio. 3 president obama heads -3 to ohio for a pair of campaign stops where attacks on his republican rival over & outsourcing aad taxes will likely ot let up. -3 today's trippfollows stops in virriniaaover the weekend obama says: ""y opponent and hii congressional allles, -3 believe in what i call, top- down econommcs." the obamaa 33 a comment in one offthe president's campaigg speeches is raising connroversy..t a rally in roanoke, virginia....he took whht some beeieve was a shot at american pndividualism by saying that & if you have beeome a success in life you didn't get there on your own. 3 "if you've got a business, you else made thaa happen." 3 that brings us to our question of the day.... day....do you agree with the preeident.../ that "if youuare successful -3 you didn't get there.. on your own." 3 3 go to fox- baltimore dot com .../ -3 p tell us what
- couuttdecisiin, they still stumble over the word "tax" uued by the high court to uphold the law.boswell says (oncam tag): "on the presidential campaign trail - presidenn obama "aad" mitt romney "both" use the affordable care act to energize their supportees. the presiient begins a bus tour through ohhi and pennsylvvnia this thurssay. mitttromney is innnew hampshire wednesday. in washington craig bbswell fox news." attorney general eric holder will not be prosecuted by the justice department... afttr oversight reform coomittee, e - speaks about the next steps for house republicann. 3&meehan says: "where we're going to go is to civil court to demaad thht tteedocuments be turned over. rememmer, there is anywhere between 88,000 and 110,00 documents which have been idennified as relevant to thii department's turred over a little over 7,5000" p,500." ric holder says that the vote was a politically- motivaaeddact in an election year. today marks 75 years siice aviator amelia earhart and her disappearance.the ew clues iito historic recovery" s or launching its ninth expedition to a remote island
on multiple counts of first degree murder next monday. fox news correspondent, greg boswell joins us live from aurora colorado with the latest craig. >> reporter: good evening most of the talk is generated by the demeanour, appearance of james holmes the suspected gunman in this case not just the orange reddish hair but also, his stare. i describe it as a blank stare other people call it dazed and confused looking like maybe he was going to sleep many family members inside we talked to afterwards felt like maybe he was acting a little bit. acting they were saying because he wants to avoid the death penalty down the line. the prosecutor in this case, saying that is at least 60 days decision away after the arraignment, which is next monday. >>> so with all the information that we gathered, at least authorities did from the suspects apartment anything new? >> just things we have reported on before. there was also a knife in the car and another glock in the car so that is four guns and a knife inside of course the gasoline, the gun powder, the various rockets that were basically fireworks displaye
are speaking out loud and clear. fox's craig boswell has the latest. >> reporter: president obama begins the first of two days of campaign stops in virginia. >> everybody is playing by the same set of rules, that's what i believe and that's why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states of america. >> reporter: the commonwealth was in the president's column in 2008 and is a key battleground this time. the president hit mitt romney and republicans hard on their disagreement over extending the bush tax cuts. >> if you say you want to bring down the deficit, but you're not willing to let tax cuts lapse for the top 2%, it tells me you're not serious about deficit reduction. >> reporter: mitt romney supporters aren't letting up either. >> all that wonderful lofty hope and change rhetoric from 2008 has now evolved into a record and a message of division and destruction. >> reporter: the romney camp is accusing the obama campaign of dishonest attacks particularly over romney's time at bain capital. >> the obama campaign has issued reckless and wild accusations that mitt
and deliberation. foxes craig boswell has the latest from aurora colorado. >> reporter: police removed the immediate danger families are being allowed back into the area as they removed booby traps meant to kill. investigators give off a series of audible warnings before setting off a detonation inside the third floor apartment of mass shooting suspect james holmes. bomb technicians removed ieds. grenades, trip wires hazardous materials and have begun looking for clues. he is accused of a calculating and deliberate murder spree saying the murder theater attack was just the beginning. >> if you thing we are angry we sure as hell are angry, what happened in our city and what he threatened to do to one of our police officers. >> he said pierce pierce i'm shot man i'm shot, and i said me too just stay down and -- >> reporter: and who helped them. >> josh helped me, protect my wife and he got shot. >> reporter: memorial across from the theatre, where 12 people were killed is growing, as families and a grieving community, chart the path forward. >> prayer, staying positive loving one another
as the president and mitt romney wait for labor department numbers tomorrow. fox's craig boswell with the latest now from the campaign trail. >> reporter: president obama begins a two-day bus tour in familiar territory. >> it is good to be back in ohio. >> reporter: he's visited the buckeye state more than a half dozen times just this year and for good reason. ohio is a must win state. >> the stakes could not be bigger. >> reporter: the president reminded supporters of the auto bailout and slammed his republican rival for his bailout oppositions and he didn't stop there. >> unlike my opponent i want to stop giving tax breaks to companies who are shipping jobs overseas. >> reporter: while the president found the familiar ground friendly some analysts believe blue collar workers may not be so kind in november. >> he's got to try and minimize what is a clear republican resurgence in the more rural parts. >> reporter: a pair of mitt romney representatives are working to make sure the president doesn't win ohio this time around. >> we should all recall the promises he made last time and the prom
's craig boswell. good evening to you. we understand you are in front of james holmes apartment. set the scene for us. >> reporter: there's been a flurry of activity. we have been allowed to come down closer to the pardon me building where james holmes had lived. let me show you what's going on. evidence response teams from the fbi are on the scene. circled their wagons around the tent where they are processing some of that evidence. it can pan out to the broken windows that james holmes lived in. evidence technicians are working inside there, just a little less than 20 minutes ago. they brought out some computers, computer hardware, computer towers they put into another car and took that off. they are allowed to get in there now, because they have taken away the hazardous materials. they have taken away the grenades. bomb squads have been working for 30 or 36 hours to dismantel booby traps that were designed for maximum deadly forced. encouraging news, also encouraging for the families that live in adjacent apartment complexes. this is a densely populate the area. they are allowed
's craig boswell has more on the road to the white house. >> they were separated by more than a thousand miles, but president obama and mitt romney landed plenty of verbal jabs. slammed his republican rivals. >> he invested, made money investing in companies that had been called pioneers of outsourcing. >> the obama campaign accuses him of misusing his ten tenure. he is raising money in texas. >> my opponent thought it was a good idea to let detroit go bankrupt. >> mitt romney hit the stage in pennsylvania and came out swinging, too. >> he is out of ideas. he's got no new ideas for getting the economy going. he has no one new to blame. he is out of touch with what's happening in the country and that's why in november, we're going to put him out of office. >> the presumed republican nominee continued to accuse the president of political favoritism that also led to outsourcing. >> i'm ashamed to say that we are seeing our president hand out money to the businesses of campaign contributors. >> both campaigns are aggressively going after votes in the keystone state, even after romney
numbers to his advantage. fox's craig boswell reports. >> reporter: shortly after a breakfast stop in akron president obama focused on the upside of today's labor department report while speaking in poland, ohio. >> we learned this morning our businesses created 84,000 new jobs last month and that overall means that businesses have created 4.4 million new jobs over the past 28 months. >> reporter: the labor department said the jobless rate remained unchanged at 8.2% tapping the third straight month of what many economists describe as weak hiring. >> if you look at the construction numbers and retail sales, just no growth at all. >> reporter: as the president rolled into pittsburgh this afternoon on the final day of his bus tour, he blunted his opponent's criticism. >> all they've got to argue is the economy is not moving as fast as it needs to. jobs aren't growing as fast as they need to and it's all obama's fault. >> reporter: mitt romney says it's all about the 8.2% unemployment rate and calls it unacceptable. >> we have seen the jobs report this morning and it is another kick
. ...custody. craig boswell is on the scene in aurora colorado and picks up our coverage of the "movie massacr. massacre". the... deadly shootings... in colorado... have... police nationwide... stepping up... enforcement ...at... movie theaters...///. baltimore... city... and county police... say... people... will see more officers... patrolling... malls and movie... theaters...// theaters...// keith daniels live in north baltimore where some moviegoers are cautious.. keith 3 3 jeff... we're live at the rotunda on 41st street.. where that same "batman" movie that was tragically interrupted in colorado... is now showing. ........and tonight, police say if there's trouble.. they are prepared. prepared. at movie theaters across the country, where hollywood often imitates life.. there's word of a real life tragedy. (woman) "i think that was a random act of madness.." ......movie-goers at the landmark theater in downtown baltimore, reacting to that deadly shooting at a theater in colorado.(woman) "you go to a movie and you don't make it home. it's ju
the shootings. 24 people remain hospitalized and nine are in critical condition. fox's craig boswell joins us live from aurora, colorado. you're outside the apartment building where the accused gunman james holmes lived. are investigators still there tonight? >> reporter: good evening. evidence response technicians have wrapped up their work inside the apartment. it's the third for that apartment where all the windows are broken out. they wrapped up around 2:00 this morning, saw them bringing out a computer and hardware and computer tower. we've also learned that some of the evidence they took was a batman poster and mask, not sure which character, but some of the other things we're learning about that were brought out from the apartment as well as accelerants, gasoline, powder, all that meant not to just explode but cause a firebomb and investigators say that he intended more carnage here at this third floor apartment. >> are investigators confident his neighbors can return home? has that happened yet? >> reporter: no. there's 12 units in this apartment building. they are not being allowed
year battle. fox's craig boswell has the latest. >> reporter: president obama says congress should temporarily extend bush era tax cuts for those making less than $250,000 a year but not for those making more than that. >> i'm not proposing anything radical here. i just believe that anybody making over $250,000 a year should go back to the income tax rates we were paying under bill clinton. >> reporter: the cuts expire the end of the year. the president says if that happens, middle class families' taxes will increase by about $2,200. >> in many ways the fate of the tax cut for the wealthiest americans will be decided by the outcome of the next election. my opponent will fight to keep them in place. i will fight to end them. >> reporter: a spokesman for presumed republican nominee mitt romney released a statement saying president obama's announcement this morning will mean a tax increase for millions of families, job creators and small businesses. gop leaders say the tax cuts should be extended for all income levels. >> something governor romney supports because he believes that t
as a campaign issue all the way through november and as craig boswell reports, mitt romney got boos while speaking to the naacp. >> reporter: house republicans came out swinging hours before a scheduled vote to repeal at fordable care act. >> obamacare takes $500 billion, $500 billion out of medicare. >> we are committed to taking this flawed law off the books. >> democrats fired their shots pointing out the vote is the latest of more than 30 gop efforts to roll back health care reform. >> welcome to groundhog day in the house of representatives. no longer will being a woman be a preexisting medical condition but republicans want to take away those protections for women. >> reporter: after months of heated debate and about two weeks after the supreme court upheld the law, the house voted to repeal. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: opinion polls show a sharp public divide over the health care law too. there is even a new poll on chief justice john roberts who cast the fifth vote in the 5-4 health care decision. his approval rating is 46 to 34. on the presidential campaign trail, the law
in the democratically controlled body. president obama has already promised a veto. in washington, craig boswell, fox news. >> up next, police officers fired for pulling a dangerous prank on one of their own. it was all caught on camera. and later, haven't had a good night sleep in months, years, thanks to your kids? maybe you need a sleep coach. we'll take a look at the growing industry of counselors who could help you win the bedtime battle. >>> a heat wave, the government lowering its crop estimates due to high temperatures and drought conditions. that could lead to higher prices for a lot of things you buy at the grocery store. that is not good news for america starting to see the gas prices, now for the 8th time. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded standing at $3.38. meanwhile, you think those record low mortgage rates are getting more people into the housing market? think again. the number of mortgage applications falling. recent activity leading the way down. and 7-eleven celebrating its 85th birthday by giving customers a gift. the convenient store chain serving free slurpe
is accused of killing 12 people and wounding at least 58 others, some of them critically. craig boswell is live in aurora with the latest. >> reporter: good evening.ep a orfleury of activity around te theater as investigators go inin and out of the crime scene, but for a majority of the community this is the focus here. i don't know if you can see it, the memorial that is growing inn size and importance. >> i came to show my feelings and my -- it just hurts.s >> reporter: the memorial to the victims of the theater shooting is becoming a must-stop on anan emotional journey. >> i know these parents are devastated, because i'm devastated for them. god bless. >> reporter: people are leaving flowers, balloons, messages and prayers. >> they just scrape to enjoyo their live.e. >> reporter: services for three of the victims are place this week, including this 18-year-old, a.j. bit.18 his -yfamily has asked for privacy. a full military service is planned for 26-year-old jonathao block next ldfriday in reno. he served three tours in the middle east, and his family says he had plans to reenlist, h
. in washington craig boswell, fox news. >>> for the first time we are hearing the disturbing 911 call that was placed after former commerce secretary john bryson crashed into two cars in the los angeles area. tmz got their hands on the tape listen to this. >> 911 what is your emergency. >> we have a drunk driver that just hit us and fled. hit us twice. he hit us twice we are pursuing him right now. >> bryson suffered a seizure when he rammed into the back of one car twice and left the scene later he collided with a second car. about two weeks after the incident he resigned as commerce secretary. >>> coming up a group of dc residents is demanding an end to pay to play politics in the district. >> tragic accident leaves an 11- year-old boy brain dead. what the connection is to a popular singer. >>> restoring the chesapeake bay, new multistate effort to get the bay back on track. details when we come back matters. pioneers in outsourcing us jobs supports tax breaks overseas. insourcing. industry and favors bring jobs home. it matters. this message. chef. >> tragic news for usher his is 1
in colorado. this is ahead of a citywide vigil and a visit by president obama. craig boswell has more outside the suspect's apartment in aurora. >> reporter: neighbors collected belongings from the aurora apartment building where james holmes lived. one remembered his chance encounter with the alleged mass murder. >> thursday morning when i was parked there, he came out smoking a cigarette looking down like something was on his mind. >> reporter: a rare glimpse inside as the fbi and atf worked throughout the night gathering evidence inside his third floor apartment. just hours after crews detonated devices removed from the booby trapped apartment. we learned holmes application to a firing range raised suspicion as the owner called the 24 year old back and got his voicemail. >> usually if i call somebody and leave a message, they call me back immediately the same day. i called three times, he hasn't called me. it's like i don't like this. leave it alone. >> reporter: people continue to pay their respects at a growing memorial near the theater. the crosses are a tribute to the 12 victims. >> i
washington, mr. mcdermott. mr. mcdermott: thank you, mr. boswell. we saw the vietnam war in different way he by flying a helicopter, me being a psychiatrist dealing with people who came home. i feel strongly that suicide prevention and the internegligence that -- and the intervention that must become in military speak a core mission of the military this week's "time" magazine, as you see from that front page, describes military suicides as an epidemic. i would like to take $10 million out of a $19 billion fund in this amendment to go beyond the funding for existing suicide prevention services and toward modifying the culture that keeps some from seeking help. we must also note that any progress in suicide prevention will be fleeting if we don't focus on reducing the stigma associated with seeking psychological health services among our active duty people. i believe the pentagon can do more to eradicate the barriers to mental health care. that means ensuring that mental health and substance abuse issues are treated as medical issues and are taken out of the rem of personnel matters. this mean
that everybody wants answered as to why all of this happened. back to you. >> gregg: all right. craig boswell live at the scene in aurora, colorado. thanks very much. >> heather: as police continue to scour the suspected shooter's apartment for clues, chilling new accounts of his deadly rampage are continuing to emerge from the people who experienced this terrifying ordeal. firsthand. 23-year-old eric hunter is one of those eyewitnesses. he was in the movie theater next to where the shooting happened and he actually came face-to-face with the alleged shooter. thank you for joining us, eric. >> thank you. >> heather: so how did you happen to come face-to-face with him? take me through exactly what happened. >> basically when the film started, after the film had already started, we were about 30 minutes into the film. that's when the smoke started coming in to the theater. it filled the theater for the most part and then we heard three gun shots. we thought it was a part of the movie. they were doing a gag. after that we heard nine more. i got up. a lot of people were panicked. i go downstairs
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